FOSTREN: Fostering and Strengthening Approaches to Reducing Coercion in European Mental Health Services

FOSTREN is a COST Action designed to establish a sustainable, multidisciplinary network of researchers and practitioners focused on reducing the degree to which mental health services use coercion in hospital and community mental health services.
Many people receiving mental health care are subjected to coercive practices such as outpatient commitment in the community and physical restraint in hospital. Such practices can violate human rights and there is a growing international policy momentum to reduce reliance on them.
Given the biopsychosocial complexity of mental health service delivery, successful initiatives in this area require sustained multilevel interventions which can be implemented effectively in the long term. Clinical practice in this area is extremely variable across Europe and relevant research activity is highly fragmented.

The FOSTREN network will address these issues by enabling research and practice expertise to be exchanged in order to create an integrated framework for mental health service transformation.



For more information on the FOSTREN netwerk, please contact us via our contact page.