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Participating countries

Participating countries


Action details:

MoU 036/20
Start of Action 22/10/2020

CSO Approval date 24/03/2020
End of Action 21/10/2024

The following countries are members of the Action and have representation on the Management Committee



Austria Malta
Belgium Moldova
Bosnia and Herzegovina Montenegro
Bulgaria Netherlands
Croatia North Macedonia
Cyprus Norway
Czech Republic Poland
Denmark Portugal
Estonia Romania
Finland Slovakia
France Slovenia
Germany Spain
Greece Sweden
Ireland Switzerland
Israel Turkey
Italy United Kingdom


Albania and Hungary are Action members but currently have no Management Committee representative. Please get in touch with the relevant COST National Co-ordinator if you wish to apply for this role.

We also have Action members from Australia and the USA. Researchers and innovators from any country in the world are welcome to apply to participate in the work of FOSTREN as an individual Working Group member. Applications can be submitted here:

The following countries are COST full members but are not currently members of the Action.

Georgia Luxembourg
Iceland Serbia

Please contact the COST National Co-ordinator for your country if you are based in one of these countries and you wish to enable your country to be represented.

South Africa is associated with COST and participates in some aspects of COST network activities. We welcome expressions of interest from researchers and innovators based in these countries who want to link up with the network. See for further information.

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