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WG5: Dissemination and Exploitation of New Understanding

WG5: Dissemination and Exploitation of New Understanding

WG5 will focus on dissemination and exploitation of the results of the project. An action website will be set up, including details of all Action members, ongoing activities and key documents. A communication and dissemination plan will be drawn up and will be updated to activate and streamline the communication and dissemination activities of the partners.

Three conferences (state-of-theart, midway and end-of-Action) will be organised by WG5 with published proceedings to which each of the other WGs will contribute speakers and co-ordination support. WG5 will also plan several smaller workshops in the first 18 months with all WGs to enable an understanding of each other’s language and background.

To overcome the previous fragmentation and poor integration of research results and findings, WG5 will also organise workshops and meetings to integrate the different parts and draw conclusions between the results achieved in the WGs within the field as a whole. This activity is continuous throughout the project, ensuring quality control and an on-going conversation between the partners and the countries and/or approaches they represent.


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