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We have both research and capacity-building objectives.

Research objectives:

  • to advance understanding of the processes underlying the use of coercion and successful interventions for reducing coercion in European mental health services by exchanging knowledge on activities in a multiplicity of service contexts (i.e. diverse countries, service levels/settings and levels of resource availability)
  • to summarise current knowledge on the most effective methods for implementation / transformation of health services as it relates to the specific issue of reducing coercion in mental health services
  • to build a stable interdisciplinary network of European researchers and practitioners in this area which includes participants from under-represented groups


Capacity-building objectives:

  • to apply the new understanding gained through exchange by setting Best Practice standards; and
  • to communicate these standards to mental health policy makers and practitioners with recommendations for improving inpatient care and the experience of patients/service users.

These objectives will be achieved through networking activities organized by five Working Groups:

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