WG2: Alternative Interventions

Working group 2 (WG2) will explore and examine opportunities to facilitate a shift away from reliance on coercion in hospital and community services. An organisational perspective will be adopted which views decisions by individual staff in the context of broader organisational factors which facilitate or obstruct less coercive measures. Therefore, in accordance with the overall Action objectives, an overview of the known interventions currently in use will be obtained as a precursor for further discussions. In addition, the Europe-wide implementation of key organisational programmes designed to minimise and eliminate the use of coercion will be mapped. Where data are available, both elements (coercion and its alternatives) will be examined in the context of broader organisational factors such as the service policy on aggression and violence, team staffing levels and education, user perceptions and user involvement, effective team working, staff attitudes towards patients, funding resource availability and ward/team culture and climate. WG2 activities will follow the same broad pattern as WG1. It will meet twice a year on average, manage three STSMs on this specific topic and organise a Training School (in Year 2).