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Blog Czech Republic

FOSTREN Country blog – Training School 2022

written by Dr Jaroslav Pekara from Czech Republic

26th of September

My journey to the Training School 2022 Groningen started at the airport in Prague 26th of September in the morning. I was curious and felt excited about new people and knowledge. The first day took me 12 hours from Prague to Groningen.

27th of September

Group work 1: getting know each other and POSTER PRESENTATIONS

Frans Flutter, the organiser of Training School (TS) invited us, all participants and trainers. Then all trainees presented their actual research or topics.

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Trainees were from Norway, Portugal, the Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia and of course from Netherlands.

The BCTCOMPARE – study; an overview. By Prof. dr. John Baker (UK)

John Baker talked about changing behaviour in approach to the staff as an alternative method to coercion.

After every speaker, the trainees had a discussion and then confronted their opinions with the speakers.

The Consumer perspective in Spain By Evelyn Huizing

Evelyn introduced us to very inspiriting projects in Spain for
DE-stigmatisation of mental health care in Spain.

28th of September

Coercion in Mental Health Care, the Human Rights issue by Prof. Dr. Dirk Richter.

Dirk Richter presented controversial opinions on the ethics of mental health patients. It was impressive with a very good discussion.


by Prof. Dr. Bridget Hamilton

 Bridget presented an interesting evaluation of Safewards in Austria and the process of Safewards as a very recommended alternative method to coercion.

Workshop ‘Moral Reasoning’ by Swanny Kremer & Wouter Bosma

Very interesting workshop with two colleagues from FPC Dr. S. van Mesdag Clinic.

29th of September

Coercion across Europe, the Cultural-diversity factor by Dr. Mr. Jakub Lickiewicz who talked about cultural factors for comprehension of coercion.

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